An improved Type I estimate

30 Jul

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As in all previous posts in this series, we adopt the following asymptotic notation: $latex {x}&fg=000000$ is a parameter going off to infinity, and all quantities may depend on $latex {x}&fg=000000$ unless explicitly declared to be “fixed”. The asymptotic notation $latex {O(), o(), \ll}&fg=000000$ is then defined relative to this parameter. A quantity $latex {q}&fg=000000$ is said to be of polynomial size if one has $latex {q = O(x^{O(1)})}&fg=000000$, and bounded if $latex {q=O(1)}&fg=000000$. We also write $latex {X \lessapprox Y}&fg=000000$ for $latex {X \ll x^{o(1)} Y}&fg=000000$, and $latex {X \sim Y}&fg=000000$ for $latex {X \ll Y \ll X}&fg=000000$.

The purpose of this (rather technical) post is both to roll over the polymath8 research thread from this previous post, and also to record the details of the latest improvement to the Type I estimates (based on exploiting additional averaging and using Deligne’s proof of the Weil conjectures) which lead…

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